MSO4SC at IBERGRID 2018 in Lisbon

MSO4SC was presented at the IBERGRID 2018 event, in Lisbon, the 12th October 2018. This event was co-located with the DI4R 2018, were European researchers were presenting their progress in different European e-Infrastructures.

The project coordinator showed a presentation with the last progress done in the project, focused on the combination of HPC and Cloud for running mathematical simulations. The event program is available in the following link:

MSO4SC was invited to participate due to the approval of the abstract we submitted, found here:

“Complex simulations that require large amounts of computational resources have typically run in dedicated supercomputers. However some parts of these simulations don´t perform well in these computers or don´t need these highly costs resources and can be executed on cheaper hardware. Moving some parts of these simulations out of the supercomputers and running them in smaller clusters or cloud resources can improve the time to results and reduce the costs of the simulations, providing also higher flexibility and ease of usage. Both HPC and Cloud resources benefit and empower users who need to perform complex simulations that normally only take advantage of the capabilities of one of these infrastructures. We propose the combined usage of these platforms by using an orchestrator to coordinate the exploitation of these systems and container technology to enable interoperability between them. Such solution provides simulations as a service in a transparent way for end-users and software developers, as well as improves the efficiency in HPC resources usage. It has been proven to work with different HPC and Cloud providers, including EOSC Hub.” Attendees found interesting the talk, asking several questions about the usage of containers on HPC and about the relationship with EOSC-Hub.

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