Final review passed!

The MSO4SC project has its final review in the EC premises at Luxembourg. We spent a couple of days of rehearsal and we had our final review the 30th of November. We presented the project achievements done during the second period, highlighting the last developments and actions performed, and showing three demos, representative of the work done so far:

  • One demo about the last version of the Portal running a simulation with OPM Flow (with the latest GUI and support for application monitoring)
  • One demo showing the before and after MSO4SC for running a mathematical simulation with Feel++ and an example with Feel++ Toolboxes
  • One demo showing how to run the air pollution pilot

We obtained a good feedback and interesting recommendations to follow. Reviewers were happy to see we followed the previous recommendations and they were pleased to see some clarifications about the things we did. They also suggested several improvements to be done as soon as possible in a few deliverables and provided some advices for the future work. Thank you all the team for the work done and to the review team for their comments!

Remember that MSO4SC doesn’t die here. We’ll continue our operation!

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