During the MSO4SC project, one of the results released was an implementation of a new plugin for Cloudify which enables the usage of HPC resources through workload managers (currently, Slurm and, thanks to HLRS, also PBS Torque). In order to enable workflows making use of HPC and Cloud resources, we defined a DSL on top of TOSCA, already presented in the paper “Running Simulations in HPC and Cloud Resources by Implementing Enhanced TOSCA Workflows”. 

As we consider this usage of TOSCA of interest for the standardization group, we contacted the OASIS TOSCA Technical Committee to tell them what we did and how it was implemented. This information has raised the interest of the community, which has asked us to provide more information to be made available at the TOSCA wiki. In fact, the community is interested in involving stakeholders outside the Cloud domain, so we expect to collaborate with the TC in the near future. 

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