The Nautilus platform is a floating platform supporting a wind turbine for off-shore marine energy production.



We are evaluating the behavior of the platform, primarily the stability, by simulation in a multi-phase solver in our FEniCS-HPC framework.

The outputs of interest are pressure quantities: the maximum and average pressure over time, the integral of the pressure, and also the pressure at different points. We are also developing an experimental extension of the solver for a fully-coupled moving platform. In this experimental solver we would like to perform a decay test, consisting of applying a vertical downwards force on the floating Nautilus platform and simulating its movement until it reaches the equilibrium state again.


Stakeholders List

Tecnalia Research & Innovation: http://tecnalia.com/
Nautilus Floating solutions: http://www.nautilusfs.com/en/
BCAM – Basque Center for Applied Mathematics: http://www.bcamath.org