The MSO4SC project currently features the following six applications.

3D Urban Air Quality Prediction

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Thanks to its special connection to the brain and its accessibility to  measurements, the eye provides a unique window on the brain, thereby offering  non-invasive access to a large set of potential biomarkers that might help in the early diagnosis and clinical care of Neuro Degenerative Diseases (NDD) . 

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Floating Wind Turbine

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HifiMagnet is a platform for modeling, simulation and optimisation of high field magnets.

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OPM Flow is a fully-implicit, black-oil simulator capable of running industry-standard simulation models. The simulator is implemented using automatic differentiation to enable rapid development of new fluid models.

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ZIBaffinity provides high-quality binding affinities of small chemical compounds to biological target molecules using atomistic molecular dynamics simulations on the basis of the Amber force field and methods of statistical thermodynamics.

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