Feel++ is an open-source software gathering scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, medical doctors, computer scientists around applications in academic and industrial projects. Feel++ is the flag ship framework for interdisciplinary interaction at Cemosis, the agency for mathematics-entreprise and multidisciplinary research in modeling, simulation and optimisation (MSO) in Strasbourg. Cemosis is also one of the french MSO node for mathematics-entreprise interaction.

Feel++ Software

Feel++ is a C++ library which provides a mathematical kernel that encompasses a large range of numerical methods to solve partial differential equations such as (i) arbitrary order continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods in 1D, 2D and 3D, (ii) domain decomposition methods, (iii) fictitious domain methods, (iv) level-set methods or (iv) certified reduced basis methods. These methods are developed and used easily thanks to a domain specific language embedded in C++ mimicking the mathematical language associated to Galerkin methods. This language allows physicists, engineers and mathematicians to focus on the numerical methods as well as on the physics, whilst hiding the computer science details (e.g. parallelism) or algebraic solvers, thus enabling the user to ramp up very quickly from rapid prototyping numerical methods to large scale computations. For more information, please visit: Feel++ Book, Feel++ Site, Feel++ Development.

Feel++ in MSO4SC

The goal of this task is to adapt Feel++ to the MSO4SC context by:

Software architecture
— ensuring that components well-tested and optimized for the hardware are used.
— increasing the readability, as well as providing documentation.
— Providing ways to use the Feel++ model components interactively, for example from the Python or   C++ (using Cling) programming language.
— to deliver and deploy it in the MSO4SC environment including the parallel(MPI) version.

The work on deployability, usability and scalability will also be very valuable for researchers.

Feel++ is the core framework for several MSO4SC pilots such as hifimagnet and eye2brain.

With MSO4SC, the Feel++ framework will reach the next big step: MSO4SC will enable continuous delivery and possibly deployment of Feel++ components and end-user applications in the cloud upon successful completion of builds and testsuites and end-user approval. It enables shorter development cycle and reduces the cost, time and risk of delivering changes thanks to incremental updates to applications in development, beta-test or production. MSO4SC brings also continuous showcase of Feel++ applications to new collaboration or contract leads, to the master and Phd student training in MSO and to the academic community.Feel++ environment supports continuous integration through Travis-CI and Buildkite with automatic release of binary tarballs in AWS S3 upon successful completion of development builds and testsuites.