Workshop on MSO4SC

The MSO (Mathematical Modelling, Simulation and Optimization) technology, combined with HPC High Performance Computing) methods and tools, often provide a very effective tool for the treatment of the challenges of the society. The MSO4SC project (MSO for Societal Challenges with Scientific Computing) has been developing a HPC oriented cloud infrastructure of MSO developing frameworks and several applications based on them to provide end-users with easy-to-use and high performance mathematical tools.

The goal of the workshop is to present the results already achieved in the project on the infrastructure, the MSO frameworks and its applications concerning the challenges of

  • eye and brain research for glaucome detection,
  • quantification of binding affinities of molecules for toxicology and food safety,
  • high field magnets for superconduction,
  • urban air quality prediction,
  • marine reasearch and floating wind turbines,
  • black oil and CO2 flow in the ground.

The workshop provides a networking opportunity and gathering of users’ requests from stakeholders, which is a primary goal of the project.