MSO4SC GitHub Repository

The source code of this project is open source and has been arranged in several git repositories, hosted at github. Each one is related with the project technical tasks or subtasks.

These repositories are under the project GitHub organization (, published to everyone but write permissions restricted to MSO4SC members. In each one a readme file can be found, that describes the source code as well as important information about it (e.g what’s its intention, or how to compile and test it). More general information (e.g. useful links, related APIs or components) can also be found on the wiki of each repository.

Other useful tools as “pull requests” or “issues” are being used inside each repository to help day to day technical work between the different partners.

Currently the MSO4SC source code is divided as follows:

  • cloudify-hpc-plugin: Plugin to allow Cloudify to deploy and orchestrate HPC resources
  • fenics-hpc-cesga: Scripts to compile and execute FEniCS in Finis Terrae II, plus FEniCS new MSO4SC extensions
  • Website for Pilots description
  • MSOPortal: MSO4SC Web Portal
  • feelpp: Feel++ adaptation to MSO4SC (docker images, new features)
  • mesos-hpc-framework: Slurm framework to use Slurm machines as mesos agents (Deprecated).

vagrant-mesos-dev: Vagrant VirtualBox Machine to develop mesos