22 May 2017, Monday

12:00 Coffee, registration
13:00 Opening
13:05 Zoltán Horváth (SZE): The MSO technology
13:20 Javier Nieto (ATOS): Overview of the MSO4SC project
13:30 Carlos Fernandez (CESGA), Christophe Prud’homme (UNISTRA), Johan Hoffman (KTH): Overview of the workpackages of MSO4SC
14:00 Coffee, refreshment
14:30 Carlos Fernández (CESGA): Functionalities of the MSO4SC infrastructure
15:00 Javier Carnero (ATOS): Description of the MSO4SC Orchestrator and the Portal: Demo
15:50 Break
16:00 Ákos Kovács & Tamás Budai (SZE): Comparison of containerization technologies
16:20 Victor Sande (CESGA): Fast deployment of complex applications on the MSO4SC infrastructure: Demo
16:40 Victor Sande(CESGA): Pre and post processing with remote visualization: Demo
17:00 Coffee, refreshment
17:30 Oriol Pineda (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre & PRACE): Prace services
18:00 Daniel Field (ATOS): Innovation game

23 May 2017, Tuesday

9:00 Atgeirr Flø Rasmussen (SINTEF): OPM in MSO4SC
9:20 Atgeirr Flø Rasmussen(SINTEF): OPM Flow — overview and demonstration
10:00 Alf Birger Rustad (Statoil): Mathematics in the oil industry
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Abdelhakim Lotfi (SZE): Simulation of permanent magnet synronous motors with Feel++
11:00 Christophe Trophime (UNISTRA): Hifimagnet: a platform for Modeling and Simulation of high field magnets
11:50 Guillaume Dollé & Christophe Trophime (UNISTRA): Demo Hifimagnet
12:20 Lunch
14:00 Vedat Durmaz (ZIB): ZIBaffinity – a computational workflow for the estimation of biological protein-ligand binding energies on the atomistic level
14:30 Christoph Stein (Charité, FU Berlin): A pH-sensitive opioid analgesic designed for the treatment of inflammatory and neuropathic pain
15:00 Konstantin Fackeldey (TU Berlin): Markov State Models for Functional Molecules
15:30 Coffee, refreshment
16:00 WEBCAST Alon Harris (Indiana University): The Eye2Brain connection: a delicate balance of pressures
16:30 WEBCAST Giovanna Guidoboni (UNISTRA): Mathematical modeling of the eye2brain connection
17:00 Christophe Prud’homme (UNISTRA): Eye2brain: modelling and simulation of cerebral blood flows
17:30 Lorenzo Sala & Christophe Prud’homme (UNISTRA): Demo tissue perfusion in the eye
Innovation game, consultation with stakeholders
19:30 Workshop dinner

24 May 2017, Wednesday

9:00 Christophe Prud’homme (UNISTRA): Feel++ in MSO4SC
9:15 WEBCAST Francois Debray (LMCI): High field magnets: what for?
9:40 Johan Jansson, Niyazi Cem Degirmenci: (KTH) Fenics-HPC in MSO4SC
10:10 Tihamér A. Kocsis (SZE): 3DAirQualityPrediction
10:30 Zita Ferenczi (Hungarian Meteorology Service): Urban air quality modelling
10:45 Coffee
11:10 Peiyuan Ni (KTH, Applied Process Metallurgy): CFD in Process Metallurgy
11:40 Johan Jansson (KTH): FloatingWindTurbine
12:05 Johan Jansson (KTH): Massively Open Online Course – High Performance Finite Element Modeling (MOOC-HPFEM)
12:30 Gergely Sipos (, EGI): EGI services
13:00 Closing